Friday, March 18, 2011

Pray for Japan

I know most of you have heard a lot about the tragedies in Japan (for good reason), but I'm here to encourage you to actually do something (that you are capable of doing) about it. Part of the reason I'm trying to promote people to be proactive is partly due to the fact that I've seen as a trend on Twitter, and other places on the internet "Pray for Japan". While I'm sure the people that are saying we should pray for Japan are well-intentioned, and probably did something that actually helped along with praying, it's true that praying does nothing but make the person praying feel better. However, it does nothing to actually help the Japanese people affected by the utter devastation of their country. This is why I'm advocating donating to the Red Cross, UNICEF, Doctors without Borders, or any other reputable group that is helping the victims (human and animal alike) of this tragedy make it through and recover (especially these groups because they are not religiously based so they will not try to convert the people they are trying to help, they simply want to help them). I donated $50 to the Red Cross as a college student, so please, if you can, at least donate the minimum possible amount, which is $10 on most sites. These people are suffering, and you are not, simply because of a misfortune of geography. I thank you and I'm sure the people of Japan do too.

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