Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oscars: Original Score

For this post I've provided a sample of each of the scores so you may listen to them yourself.

While I think this Hans Zimmer score was pretty good, I think it's definitely the weakest of the nominees. I know a lot of people have a nearly dogmatic love for everything Inception/Christopher Nolan, especially people I go to school with, but I don't think this soundtrack was nearly as good as the other nominees. Not undeserving of the nomination though.

127 Hours
Another good choice, but I think this soundtrack had it's weak moments, along with some really strong moments. My favorite piece in the movie I don't think is actually part of the score (listen here) , but the score does a really good job of setting the tone for each scene.

The King's Speech
Likely my second favorite score, but I think if How to Train Your Dragon. Alexandre Desplat's score does really great in contrasting the very serious with the light-hearted, with the more dramatic moments in the film, and if it wins the Oscar, I wouldn't be upset.

How to Train Your Dragon
This is my personal favorite of all of the nominees. I think it hit a lot of emotional queues in a way that was really touching. It's my pick for the Oscar, but I'm not as sure about it winning as I am for some of the other categories.

The Social Network
This score I actually really like, and fits the theme of being specific to this sliver of time, but I'm not sure the Academy would have it win. I could be wrong, but I think it's to out of the vein of the majority of past Original Score winners. I definitely agree that it deserved the nomination though, and I'm sure I would enjoy just listening to it on its own.

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  1. I totally agree with you. I want the social network score!